Common name          Gum Tree

Scientific name          Eucalyptus_haemastoma

Family name          Myrtaceae



Commonly known as the gum tree in Zimbabwe, these trees are exotic to this country and there are many species of eucalyptus grown for various uses around the world.

Species farmed in this country include E. grandis, E. saligna and E. cloeziana.

The varieties of eucalyptus grown in Zimbabwe have been grown in this country because of the various advantages and/or products derived from them, such as fast growing source of wood for various domestic and industrial uses (saw logs, transmission poles, light poles), oil production for cleaning and formulation into a natural insecticide and the use of other derivatives from these trees for medicinal and industrial uses. The eucalyptus flowers are an important source of nectar for bees in honey production– being able to produce very large quantities of nectar.

One characteristic of eucalyptus is that they are water guzzlers and can be used to drain water from swamps on the one hand, while on the other, they present a disadvantage in that this property is not desirable in the drier parts of the country where water shortages create a problem on a yearly basis.

The iQFarmer Eucalyptus Manual will introduce you to simplified practical and profitable eucalyptus farming, covering:

  1. Cultivars
  2. Planting Materials
  3. Field Selection and Preparation
  4. Soil Fertility Management:
  5. Cultural Practices
  6. Handling and Controlling Growth
  7. Disease and Pest Management
  8. Harvesting and Handling
  9. Value Addition
  10. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
  11. Eucalyptus Economics and Entrepreneurship

Eucalyptus plantations are still located in the Eastern Highlands where the weather is favourable and there is plenty of rainfall but they may also be planted economically across the country-as part of a well-planned agro-forestry project. One must take into consideration (when planning an agro-forestry project) project objectives, available resources, climate, soil conditions and general environmental impact.

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