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Field Crops, Horticulture, Livestock, Fruit and even general backyard vegetable production require the use of tools in one way or the other-to lighten the workload, improve productivity or even to improve produce quality.

No successful farmer at any modern farming level, from smallholders of Africa and China to the commercial farmers of the Americas and other parts of the world where agriculture is practiced, can do without the use of tools and accessories in their operations. When one integrates their farming operation backwards into input supply or forward into value addition, mechanisation becomes one of the key success factors.

Mechanisation is farm-level dependent yet in the face of climate change challenges, all levels of agriculture have to re-assess their mechanisation options, to address the issues associated with climate change on the specific farm enterprise under consideration. As already highlighted, climate change demands that we take a holistic approach to agribusiness, meaning that the designers of farm machinery (from tractors, combines, hand hoes, planters, seed drills, processing plants, packaging lines, storage and transport machines, tools and accessories) must have a full understanding of climate change and its impacts on agriculture. Even the service providers also must understand how to operate and use farm machines under varying climate conditions.

New farming methods are being introduced to combat climate change; new crops with different production, processing, storage and transport methods are being bred; new consumption patterns are emerging; new standards for machinery are being adopted and the draft animals in use in agriculture in most parts of the developing world have been affected by climate change in various ways. This demands a paradigm shift in farm machine design, manufacture and use.

At OneAcre, as we introduce you to the world of climate-smart mechanised agriculture, we are confident that you will fully comprehend the applicability and practicality of the following farm machines and operations:

We will also teach you how to use the modern machines and tools to maximise farm productivity, to farm in an environmentally friendly manner, as well as how to process agriculture products for various markets around the globe. For those who need a helping hand in unlocking their potential by accessing practical mechanisation ideas and strategies for their agro-based operations, please feel free to visit our Farm School or just inbox us.