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This farm operation, depending on the levels of the farming operation and mechanisation, may be done manually or by use of some form of machine.The basic level planting operation will be realised in the broadcasting of seed by hand or machine on tilled (conventional agriculture) and/or untilled lands (conservative agriculture-zero tillage). The next level will be the hoe and hand planters as well as animal-drawn planting mechanisms-commercial operations do not rely on hand and/or animal-based planting nowadays because of the high levels of productivity and efficiency required to be profitable.

In commercial agriculture, use is made of tractor-drawn planters and seed drills: either mechanical or vacuum-based (using the vacuum principle to convey seeds from the hopper and into the ground).

Modern agriculture also sees the use of precision planters of different types, regardless of whether one is doing conventional or conservation agriculture. The use of precision planters and/or seed drills ensures the precise placement of accurate amounts of seed, fertiliser and at times chemicals-in terms of such parameters as uniformity of depth of placement, utilisation of available moisture, field drainage, relative seed placement with respect to concurrent application of fertiliser and agro-chemicals and timeliness of operations.

The iQFarmer planting manual will introduce you to simple but practical and efficient planter use and servicing:

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