Common name          Banana

Scientific name          Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana         

Family name          Musaceae

Shona          Bhanana

Ndebele          Amabhanana

Commonly known in Zimbabwe and around the world as the banana, edible bananas are hybrids of the two diploid species, Musa acuminate and Musa balbisiana-with most edible species derived from these being triploid. Bananas have been bred to be seedless and propagation is done vegetatively, of which two of the most common commercial varieties grown in Zimbabwe are the Dwarf Cavendish and the Sweet Williams.

Bananas may be eaten as raw, ripe fruit ( ordinary banana has high sugar content) or consumed in cooked form (plantains have a higher starch content).

Banana uses in the world vary from ornamental uses, food for human consumption in various forms, leaves for various innovative purposes on the farm, paper and textile manufacturing as well as stock feed. As a commercially-minded farmer, plant your orchard in such a manner that you supply not only the raw banana, but may also add value. If you feel that your operation may be too small to become commercial, rope-in some neighbours and friends to increase your output and access markets which require larger volumes for you to realise scale economies. Consider requirements in terms of climate, field design, orchard management, harvesting and storage, transport and markets.

The iQFarmer Banana Manual will introduce you to simplified, practical and profitable banana farming, covering:

    1. Cultivars
    2. Planting Materials
    3. Field Selection and Preparation
    4. Soil Fertility Management
    5. Cultural Practices
    6. Handling and Controlling Growth
    7. Disease and Pest Management
    8. Harvesting and Handling
    9. Value Addition
    10. Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices (CSAP)
    11. Banana Economics and Entrepreneurship

You will also find a program on banana production which we hope will help you to select the most cost-effective solutions and profitable combinations in setting up a profitable agricultural enterprise.

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