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Common name         Citrus

Scientific name           Various

Family name          Rutaceae

These highly fragranced fruit from evergreen shrubs (mostly hybrids) are known all over the world to be a rich source of vitamin C and flavonoids and limonoids. They are delicious fruits enjoyed by people in every country of the world. The most common citrus fruit is the sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) but other citrus fruit are also cultivated, such as mandarins (C. reticulata), grapefruit (C. paradise), Lime (C. aurantifolia) and lemons (C. limon).

Citrus fruit are mostly used for human consumption as raw fruit, processed and/or preserved fruit, squeezed juice and pickled fruit. Different parts of the fruit is also used for different culinary purposes. The remaining cake from squeezing juice is also used by some farmers for producing stock-feed, especially dairy cattle feed.

A combination of skills in growing citrus and value addition and/or marketing will surely enable any farmer to reap the economic rewards of such a venture.

The iQFarmer citrus manual will introduce you to the value chain of cotton farming, and the cropping program will also give you a production cost analysis for decision making:

Download Citrus Manual


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