Common name          Granadila

Scientific name           Passiflora edulis

Family name          Passifloraceae



An exotic plant to Zimbabwe, Passion fruit (granadilla) (Passiflora edulis), a vine whose fruits are produced by some commercial companies in the Eastern Highlands of our country.

It is however a fruit crop which has not been entirely assimilated by both small holder and commercial farmers, yet passion fruit juice is appearing in increasing quantities on the supermarket shelves in Zimbabwe and across the world– as consumer trends shift more towards real fruit juice than fizzy drinks.

Passion fruit is a good source of vitamins (A, B, C), dietary fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Passion fruit consumption and use around the world includes its use for raw fruit consumption, juice making, sauces, canning, fruit salads, baking ingredients, soft drinks and flavouring in general.

A thorough analysis of the potential of this fruit will reveal vast opportunities for our farmers, small holders and commercial alike, covering the whole value chain, from planting seed and seedling supply, to growing, through to value addition-for both local and export markets.

The iQFarmer Passion Fruit Manual will introduce you to simplified, practical and profitable passion fruit farming, covering:

  1. Cultivars
  2. Planting Materials
  3. Field Selection and Preparation
  4. Soil Fertility Management:
  5. Cultural Practices
  6. Handling and Controlling Growth
  7. Disease and Pest Management
  8. Harvesting and Handling
  9. Value Addition
  10. Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices (CSAP)
  11. Passion Fruit Economics and Entrepreneurship

Passion fruit diseases are familiar to many farmers who are already producing tomato, potato, tobacco and cotton-implying that it is only a mind shift and business acumen preventing those farmers who farm under the right weather conditions to move over to the more lucrative alternative crop that passion fruit is.

You will also find a program on passion fruit production which we hope will help you to select the most cost-effective solutions and profitable combinations in setting up a profitable agricultural enterprise.

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