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Horticulture is the branch of agriculture that deals with the science, art and business of cultivating, processing and marketing of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. It also includes plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design, construction, and maintenance.

Climate change and variability over the last century has brought with it challenges and opportunities for the horticulture industry. Increased temperatures in the country mean that new cultivars of horticulture crops must be developed and their times of planting may also have to change. Some provinces now have higher winter temperatures, meaning that the threat of frost to winter crops may have diminished or shifted forward or backward, depending on the micro-climate. Our farmers must therefore fully understand the implication of these changes, to be able to mitigate and also take full advantage of climate change to run more successful farm enterprises. Industry, extension and academia must have systems which help our farmers to be pre-emptive and reactive in their adaptation strategies to manage adverse environmental conditions as well as developing and implementing improved production practices to increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability.


You will find on this portal, various horticultural crops grown in Zimbabwe and many other parts of the world (under open-field and protected conditions) for purposes of feeding both people and animals, including use in many other branches of commerce and industry like medicine and chemical manufacturing.

The current crop list consists of


Our production manuals focus on how to farm these crops under conditions of climate-induced stresses, as well as their mechanisation, processing, packing and marketing. Essentially, you will be able to take our crop production manuals to set up a commercial farming enterprise based on horticulture, while accessing other vital information on the site about other farming enterprises and processes which you can integrate with to set up a viable and profitable agro-enterprise.