Common name          Pig

Scientific name          Sus domesticus       

Shona          Nguruve

Ndebele          Ingulube

Among the most widely eaten meats in the world, pork comes primarily from the domesticated pig (the most commonly farmed breeds in Zimbabwe are large white, duroc, landrace, and hampshire).

Traditionally, pigs in Zimbabwe are kept in pigsties . However, free-ranging is also a very viable alternative which is used in other countries to produce quality pork products. They may be combined with a desire to increase fertility levels by grazing and feeding them on idle or fallow land, prior to its use for cropping purposes. While the principal product from pigs is meat for fresh cooking (as a whole carcass or in specific cuts or portions-trotters, loins, intestines, head, ribs, etc), pork may also be processed through the culinary process of charcuterie (branch of cooking devoted to production of prepared meat products like smoked pork portions, sausages, bacon, ham, and galantines).

It is possible to prepare these products on the farm and under the right conditions and facilities, a commercial enterprise may be set up to fill specific market gaps.

Pork has a growing market in many countries around the world and their capability to multiply within a short period of time makes them a very viable option to many farm enterprises. The limiting factor in many instances is the infrastructure and production costs, compounded by a shortage of commercially viable markets.

The iQFarmer Pork Production Manual will introduce you to practical pig farming, covering:

  1. Pig Breeds
  2. Sow Management
  3. Boar Management
  4. Piglet Management
  5. Breeding
  6. Husbandry Practices
  7. Production Systems
  8. Animal Health
  9. Record Keeping
  10. Value Addition
  11. Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices (CSAP)
  12. Pork Economics and Entrepreneurship

You will also find a program on pork production which we hope will help you to select the most cost-effective solutions and profitable combinations in setting up a profitable agricultural enterprise.

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