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Farm School

Our Farm School is where  farmers will find most important extension information on how to succeed in their agribusinesses -a privilege to iQFarmer members only.

Our Farm School is actually a virtual extension service for agriculture, where you will be able to learn more about:

  1. Field Crops : maize, cotton, tobacco, wheat, potato
  2. Horticulture : tomato, cabbage, onion, peas, strawberry
  3. Livestock : beef, broilers, poultry, pork, goat
  4. Fruit and Forestry : citrus, banana, passion fruit, mango, pine, eucalyptus
  5. Farm Mechanisation : tractors, power and energy, tillage, planting, irrigation
  6. Value Addition : grain milling, vegetable processing, cotton ginning, meat products, tobacco curing
  7. Agro-Chemicals : fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides


We encourage our members to re-look at their enterprises, in view of;

  • climate change,
  • costs of production ( CROPPING PROGRAMS on the crop pages) and,
  • methods of production ( MANUALS on the crop pages as well )

Then optimise your operation for sustainability,  productivity and profitability