All these need safe use and/or disposal to conform to Good Agricultural Practices and the guidelines of Climate-Smart Agriculture.We will introduce you to responsible and safe handling of agricultural wastes and their disposal and/or value addition methods, while some companies will showcase their products, services and processes for you to select the best for whatever operation you decide to engage in.

We believe that waste can also be a good source of revenue for farmers, agro-processors and agro-handlers, through processing and sales of processed and unprocessed waste.

We are currently covering the following, which will be found in our iQFarmer Farm Waste Processing Manual:

  1. Farm Waste Introduction
  2. Cropping Waste
  3. Fruitand Vegetable Waste
  4. Livestock Waste
  5. Agro-Forestry Waste
  6. Waste Chemicals and Containers
  7. Processing Methods-
  8. Waste Value Addition
  9. Climate-Smart Agriculture Practices (CSAP)
  10. Farm Waste Economics and Entrepreneurship


On iQFarmer you will find information on farm waste processing in manuals as showcased by different players in the farm waste related sciences industries, from which we hope you will be able to select the most cost-effective solutions and profitable combinations to help you in setting up a profitable agricultural enterprise.

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