Zytonic-M Bio-fertilizer

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The Sustainable Farming Factor

Conventional high intensity farming has led to the destruction of natural soil ecosystems. Such a decline in the soil biology leads to unsustainable yields and poor soil health.

Zytonic-M Biology Booster is a proprietary, water soluble, soil activating technology that improves soil porosity and water holding capacity, thereby promoting the proliferation of natural biodiversity in the soil. This results in a robust soil ecology that boosts nutrient uptake and crop growth, resulting in benefits of improved crop output & reduced chemical input.


How Zytonic-M Technology Works

  • Makes soil soft and porous, thus improving the water holding
    capacity of soil. This leads to higher plant survival in drought
  • Substantially larger and denser root zone formation
  • Promotes exponential growth of soil microbial population
  • Higher microbial population and larger root zone leads to an active and healthy rhizosphere
  • More bio-mass returns to the soil which improves soil organic content
  • An active soil biology results in consistent & optimum uptake of macro and micro nutrients
  • Improved nutritional value and vigour for healthier and disease resistant plants


End Benefits

  • Increased yields (15-50%)
  • Reduction in irrigation (20-30%)
  • Reduction in chemical fertilisers (50-100%)
  • Reduction in pesticide consumption (20-40%)
  • Reduces water¬† consumption (up to 50%)
  • ¬†Improved shelf life in most fruits and vegetables


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